About Us


We began a new adventure in 2013, showing Australian Shepherds in the conformation ring, with an occasional attempt in other venues.  They are our beloved pets and best friends in the home, who we also get to take out and enjoy on the weekends at the shows.  

Please see their individual pages for more information and photos. 

Darey and I both grew up in this area and love our little town's charm.  It will always be home and is the perfect place to raise a family.  I had dogs and horses and competed in 4H in high school, as well as  working for the local veterinarian because I could not get enough of the animals at home.  As an adult I have enjoyed raising and showing halter horses.  The guys in the family don't share my love of horses and we have transitioned to the aussies, which we can enjoy together.    

Our dogs share our lives, have Grandma as a sitter while we are at work, and basically rule the house.  I wouldn't have it any other way!


Our first Aussie was Loco, gone but never forgotten, forever loved.