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Please complete the puppy application (click on button below) if you are interested in a puppy, and read this ENTIRE page (scroll past the photos) 

which explains our policies. 

I will respond to your application within a day.  If you do not get a return email from me, please email me directly at

Puppy Application - click here

We do not sell puppies for breeding purposes.

Our puppies are born and raised in the house, and exposed to a wide variety of activities and experiences before they leave us.  All puppies will have tails docked and dew claws removed, be dewormed several times, have eyes examined and their first set of vaccinations. Puppies will also have beginning exposure to crate training, walking on a leash, and grooming. Puppies are available at 8 weeks of age or older.  I do request that you pick your puppy up in person or in some cases we can arrange to meet you partway.  I will not fly a puppy alone.  Our puppies are not sold at bargain prices; each one has been bred with care and attention to creating a healthy companion and we promise them a home for life. Every puppy is special to us and we want to find it the best home possible. 

Normal health guarantees are included and we hope every new puppy family will stay in touch (and send photos).

When we breed a litter we are looking to produce a show prospect for ourselves.  We will then choose what puppy is the best fit for each home based on its disposition and your individual request.  We will not sell a puppy based on color alone although you are welcome to tell us your preference. Puppies are evaluated at 8 weeks of age and normally a decision is not made until that time as to who goes where. Puppies that are not show prospects will be sold on a spay/neuter contract.    Our intent is to breed structurally sound dogs with stable dispositions, that are first and foremost excellent pets.  These dogs are most happy when they live close to and interact frequently with their human.  Aussies can vary from couch potato to intense dispositions, and as such we prefer they live indoors, but have access to a challenging training program and/or a large secure play area for daily exercise.

Our pet/companion/performance puppies are priced at $1,000.  Show prospects are priced individually and will require a co-own 

except to a well-established show home.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, please complete the puppy application.  

If we don't have a puppy that is a good fit for you, we may know of someone that does.  

Our dogs are registered with and bred to the standards of AKC & ASCA,

 neither of which recognize any variation in size of Australian Shepherd.

Our dogs have normal health testing for the breed and results can be seen on their individual pages.